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I have been practicing yoga on & off for over 30 years and became certified to teach (RYT® 200) in 2019.

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and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Elizabeth appell

Free stuff
make sure to treat yourself to 5 minutes in savasana (corpse pose) after the yoga:
  • lie on your back, legs hip wide apart, so your feet fall naturally outwards
  • arms relaxed by your sides, palms up, fingers relaxed
  • neck straight between the shoulders, head relaxed on the mat
  • feel free to:
    • scan your body from toes to head, reflecting on each body part and consciously relaxing it
    • let your thoughts come and go, just observe them without judgment
    • focus on your breathing, through the nose, filling the lungs, the rise and fall of chest and belly
    • bring your attention to each chakra: root (base of spine), sacral (2 in. below naval), solar plexus (upper abdomen), heart (chest center), throat (throat), third eye (between the eyes), crown (top of head)
  • after 5 minutes, slowly wiggle fingers and toes, stretch the arms above the head, point the toes - invigorate the body
  • bring your knees to your chest, give yourself a hug and thank yourself for your practice
yep, it's a free live class!
(at least until 15th feb 2021)
10x 20 minutes
daily 20 minutes of early morning sun salutation (mo-fr)
- 7.30 cet (german) or
- 7.00 est (English) ... of course, all late-risers in the world are welcome! sun salutation in the lunch break (cet 13h) 
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beginners always welcome!

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+49 179 737 9267

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