1) Which form(s) of yoga do you practice?
2) How long have you practiced?
- I have recently started a yoga practice
- Less than 2 years
- 2-5 years
- 5-10 years
- Over 10 years
- Other (please specify)
3) Do you teach yoga? If so, which form(s), and how long have you been a teacher?
4) Do you see your yoga practice as part of your personal spiritual path, as a mind-body practice/ therapy, or "just" as physical exercise?
- Part of personal spiritual path
- Mind-body practice
- Physical exercise
- All of these
- None of these
- Other (please specify)
5) do you have any injuries? are you pregnant? anything else I should know?
6) what are you hoping to gain from this yoga practice? what are you looking for?